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Client Feedback
"Elaine's extensive experience in apparel design, development and production combined with her technical expertise of industrial sewing machinery was invaluable in assisting our company's set-up of a sample room that caters to the fashion needs of the nation's leading specialty retailers.   We would not have been able to accomplish this without her keen input.  Elaine's point-of-view was critical in determining the level of resources required at both the talent and taste levels we needed to satisfy at the onset.  We have been successful because we brought in the right person .....Elaine!" 

Tom Kunash - President
Chris Wojick-
Vice President Development and Production

Limitless Solutions
Columbus, Ohio 

"I have now known Elaine for over 17 years and worked closely with her at Mast Ind for almost 11years. Elaine brings a refreshing approach to many of the challenges we face in this industry. I have always been impressed by Elaine’s ability to get the job done professionally, timely and accurately, no matter how many road blocks in her way, she manages to find a solution.

When we began to build a new sourcing division at Lands End both in US and Asia I reached out to Elaine to help with the implementation. The project was a great success and within a few weeks she had surfaced the critical areas to focus on and implemented key roles and responsibilities globally along with developing key standard operating processes critical to the business.

I look forward to the next project where we can leverage Elaine’s wealth of experience in the business."


Alan Kirk
SVP Global Sourcing
Lands End  

"I have enjoyed working with Elaine professionally since 1998, first in her role as the lead executive of our major supplier and subsequently as Vice President Global Operations and a key member of my leadership team. Mast Industries was the key partner to the Limited Stores Brand retail business. In 2004 Limited brands made the decision to merge all of the resources involved in production and sourcing at the brand and at their respective Mast Industries teams into one combined entity with global reach. Elaine was brought in to lead the newly formed team through a 2 year project involving right sizing, work-steam and role analysis and reengineering of all manufacturing work processes. The project spanned 7 countries and resulted in a cost reduction of 25%, lead-time reductions of 6 to 8 weeks and most importantly no interruptions to the business. It was seen by the all as a major success and was in no small part due to Elaine’s insight, leadership and her ability to see and help create the big picture strategy without losing sight of the details. Simply put, her approach works. " 

Colin Campbell
E.V.P.Production and Sourcing  Express